Self-Awareness: The Pivot Point for Success in Leading Yourself and Others to Change (Posted on Association of MBAs)

As a leader, there are hundreds of ‘moments of truth’ every day. When assembled over time, these become the nature of one’s leadership and how others see you as a person. Changing how we act in these seminal moments is critical! Changing how we approach the events that challenge us is an even more difficult proposition. One study published in the U.S. News and World Report found that 95% of who we are is a series of subconscious programmes that have become automatic. Full [...]

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What Do You Do When the Group You’re Presenting to Turns Hostile?

In one of my first assignments as a senior consultant, I was given the responsibility to lead one of our firm’s largest clients in a strategy clarification process. I had both air cover and ground support from the firm, but this was a challenging assignment because the industry was under attack from foreign competitors, and the firm had not fared well in the fight for differentiation in tough markets. I was new in the lead role which proved at times to be a [...]

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