Leading Through Transitions

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“Our emotional wake determines the story that is told about each of us.” What great insight for leaders leading through transitions—personal, team, or organizational. If I were to ask those you lead to describe your emotional wake, what would they say?

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3 Simple Tools to Create the Needed Commitment to Change

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A few years ago, we were asked by a large pharmaceutical manufacturing company to help transition ten of its fifteen plants to a just-in-time inventory system. The technical aspect of change was led by another consulting firm. But as the “go live” date approached, senior leaders realized that front-line operators weren’t as committed to the new system as those who had been involved in the analysis. We weren’t surprised by this finding for two reasons. First, not everyone can participate in the [...]

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Changing Where People Sit Accelerates Change

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Several months ago, we took a taxi from our hotel to our client to teach a class about change. After a longer than normal ride, we realized the driver didn’t know where to go. Because we didn’t speak the same language as the driver, we found it hard to communicate that we were going in the wrong direction. After several failed attempts to find out where we were (including changing taxis), we eventually arrived in time to teach the workshop. But not until [...]

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Excellence in Practice Award

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Our work with Sun Life Financial and Duke Corporate Education won the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Excellence in Practice Award for Organizational Learning & Development.

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