The Change Dilemma (posted on Impact)

Business and organizational change efforts of any significant magnitude have proven to be ineffective in realizing their goals. Research indicates that 70% of change efforts fail. Leading change has become as integral to a leader’s success as managing the balance sheet or implementing a new customer service program. Yet most leaders lack a complete picture of how change happens. Too many continue to tinker with tactics and short-term fixes while hoping for transformation and long-term improvement. Many leaders are still asking others [...]

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Turning Small Talk to Big Talk (posted on

Recently a colleague recounted a story from an event she attended, which was preceded by a cocktail party. She lamented that an hour of inane conversation felt like an eternity and that everyone in the room probably could have made better use of the time by doing something else. Why can’t we agree to eliminate these events altogether and end the small talk? It’s a tempting thought, but of course it’s not realistic. Cocktail parties, networking, and social gatherings aren’t going anywhere, and [...]

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Building An Effective Business Case for Change (posted in Leadership Excellence –

Organizations will embark upon large-scale change efforts numerous times throughout their lifespans. The degree to which these efforts are successful will vary, largely because of two common barriers to implementation—loss of focus and momentum, and resistance to change. The loss of momentum happens so easily, as change initiatives take a backseat to day-to-day duties, client demands, and the endless list of time-sensitive things that arise.   Full Article >

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